Caring Corners Caring for Critters doll set

List price: £15 (RRP)
Available from: Woolworths
Rating:  5/5 

"This is a doll set from the caring corners range which is basically a little animal hospital. In the pack there is a girl doll, a rescue station, a doctor's bag, a bunny, a turtle, birds in a nest, and plasters.  The hospital section has a sleeping hammock, a patient chart, and a feeding bottle. It is a very cute play set and my eldest daughter loved it straight away. She enjoyed looking after the poorly animals and making them better.

A lovely little feature is a little lever that can be pushed to change the doctors chart which my daughter loved doing. This a a nice simple play set which encourages children to care for the poorly animals. I thought it was well made and had a lot of things to keep a child entertained. "
Amy Sheridan


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