Daisy Greenway Interactive camper – product review

List price: £25 (RRP)
Available from: Woolworths
Rating:  5/5 

"This is a lovely toy camper van that is full of fun features that any little girl aged 3 would love. The Caring Corners range has been made to encourage children to care for the earth and to think about recycling and reusing. There are recycling bins in the kitchen area and if you press the horn Daisy gives earth friendly advice and sound effects. When you press the horn her cheeks flash which my girls loved. The side of the camper van pulls out into a cabin with bunk beds and a removeable slide. There is a toilet, kitchen area, pet area, a pull out grill and lots of other storage places. My girls loved discovering all the pull out bits and enjoyed listening to what Daisy had to say.

The camper van is a good size so it is very easy for little hands to get in and play without getting frustrated. My only negative point is that the pull out side comes off its hinges very easily so if you have younger children you may find you are reattaching it a lot! Also when the campervan is pushed it makes a very loud noise which my girls loved but i wasn't a big fan of.
All in all it is a great toy for imaginative play which kept my little ones engrossed for a long time."
Amy Sheridan


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