Disney Princess Dolls – product review

List price: £11 (RRP)
Available from: Woolworths
Rating:  5/5 

"The Disney Princess dolls are absolutely gorgeous to look at. As soon as my daughters saw them they were dazzled by their lovely sparkly gowns, pretty tiaras and shoes.
 They are really good value for money. My daughters were so excited about them and couldn't wait to play with them, even the box that they came in was decorated nicely.

The dolls are made really well as expected, the gowns are in a lovely soft material and the sparkly bits aren't rough so it will not scratch your child's skin. After a few play sessions they were still in one piece apart from the tiaras kept falling off, it would have been nice if they were attached to the dolls permanently.
These dolls are now a firm favourite in our toy box and I'm sure we will be buying the other princesses in the range."
Amy Sheridan

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