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Does your postman call you by your first name?

Dec 19 • Featured, Uncategorized • 1227 Views • 12 Comments on Does your postman call you by your first name?

Our postman – or at least the one we’ve had the one for the past fortnight – has taken to calling me by my first name.

Now, admittedly this postman does deliver quite a lot of post addressed to me. But I feel slightly uncomfortable with this sudden burst of familiarity, particularly as I haven’t a clue about his first name. Should I take the trouble to find out?

Does your postman call you by your first name? I’d love to know what you think.

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12 Responses to Does your postman call you by your first name?

  1. Insomniac Mummy says:

    I think if he were to call me by name I’d prefer to be Mrs/Ms so and so rather than on first name terms, however if I knew his first name too then I’d be fine with it. 🙂

  2. lillias says:

    It’s very bizarre that he’s started addressing you by your first name without your consent. We’re very informal where I live but you usually wait until someone has said to please call them by the first name. I talk to my postman nearly everyday and know his first name and I know he knows mine but he never calls me anything.

  3. Expat Mum says:

    I’m just jealous of the fact that you have the same postie two days in a row AND you get your mail put through your letterbox. The amount of times I have to go to the same number in the next street and give them their stuff is ridiculous. God knows where my mail goes.

  4. ChattyT says:

    Never here. Sounds like something more likely to happen in the USA, though then again, there the postman drives in a little car and delivers mail in a mailbox at the foot of the driveway in the area I grew up in! If you want to keep chatting with him, ask his first name. If not, maybe chat less. The poor guy is probably bored and just happy that you are friendly but you may not want his daily chit-chat. I am prone to chatting with people but that has roped me into some unwanted conversations with odd people in the past!

  5. Jacqui says:

    Because I work from home my posties always end up getting quite chatty terms with me – if I pass them on the street they’ll always stop to say hi. I actually find it quite handy that they personally know me, as they take extra care of my mail, making more effort to make sure it gets to me, etc. My current postie is called Bertie – which I actually just found out the other day. He was actually our old postie, and when we moved to our current flat a few years ago he’d keep all the mail that still bore our old address, write in the correct address, and pass it over to our new postie for us!

  6. nappyvalleygirl says:

    My postman here is great. In London, I never had the same one twice and the only conversation I ever had with them was chasing them down the street because they’d put someone else’s post through the door. Here, he asked me to call him by his first name (although I don’t think he’s called me by mine), keeps back any post not for us and always passes the time of day. He gave us a Christmas card, then I gave him one with a tip enclosed, and then he gave us a thank-you card……something to be said for the US mail service!

  7. Mummy bear says:

    After his Christmas box perhaps? Oh the cynic in me. Maybe he’s just super friendly and loves his job. And no my postie does not call me by my name, but then the men in my life never have. My father has been calling me Alex (my brother) for thirty years. He now calls me Max (my nephew). Hey ho.

  8. sam says:

    NO my postman does not know my first name – but he has been very discreet on a couple of occasions when I have left my doorkeys in the door whilst dropping my son off at school!!! I’d say I can probably trust him – so long as he DOESN’T START CALLING ME BY MY FIRST NAME!!

  9. amy says:

    My posty doesn’t know my first name but he may call me ‘the annoying women who chases him down the street because i’ve posted the wrong mail in the wrong house again’ he does it about once a week. grrrrrr

  10. Yvonne says:

    I think it’s quite nice. Everything is so anonymous these days it’s great to have a regular postie who knows your name and isn’t afraid to admit it! Is he cute too?

  11. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    No Yvonne. No he is not.

  12. scott Trainito says:

    Thank your postman for caring to know who you are. People don’t realize the jobs of your letter carrier in detail. A very physical job in most cases walking routes with up to 20 lbs of mail daily up and down stairs for approximately 6 to 8 hrs. Through wind snow rain sleet whether it be 95 degrees or 10 below. Most do this with no avail daily. To remeber your first name is an honor that your postman who makes from 400 to 500 or even over 600 deliveries a day takes the time to remeber his customers by name. A mutual respect. He/She is person who greets and takes the time to speak to some who’s only interaction with people is that letter carrier. Who will stop to give a treat to your dog or help an elderly person on his route with groceries or through an icy patch of ice. The first person to notice something amiss and will call emergency personnel to assist where no one would notice. Many postman do this in their daily routine and yet they make no celebration about their heroics yet continue to do the daily routine as nothing was amiss. A mailman is paid only to deliver your mail and yet he/she goes out of their way to do these things and so much more not mentioned. Thank your postman for his service for if anything he has earned it is that. Many things in this world have changed. Cell phones, computers, video games…etc. Yet one thing has not over 100’s of years of service. A face to Face smile and greeting. The ice box men are gone and so are the coal delieveries, grocery deliveries, and even the house call doctors…not the postman. Again, somethings unchanged doesnt seem too wierd like a postman greeting you by your first name after all but the world around you has. Thank him for his service for his job is a tough one and be graitful for the one thing that hasn’t.


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