Everything you need to know about Black Friday and more

With discounts of up to 50%, Black Friday is the day of the year every bargain lover should shop. But what is Black Friday, when is it and how can you get the most of it? We’ve written an article to help you get set for the big day.

What is Black Friday

It originated in the U.S, where the day after Thanksgiving stores started offering exceptional one day offers. Recently a growing number of retailers in the UK have joined Black Friday, and families are using it as the perfect occasion to stock up on Christmas presents.

When it is happening

Friday 25th November, but some retailers like Amazon already have some big discounts.

Why Black Friday?

No one is really sure how Black Friday originated and why it was given this name, but apparently retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss (“in the red”) from January through November, and “Black Friday” indicates the day at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or “in the black”.


We’ve rounded up the brands offering Black Friday Deals. The great thing is you can get KidStart savings ON TOP of their discounts!


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Even if they were not listed above, keep an eye at your favourite retailers as it’s very likely they’ll have discounts during on that day.

Top tips from KidStart

  1. Shop online to beat the queues and grab the best deals from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Access all these retailers above and many more via KidStart and you’ll get a percentage of your spending transferred back to your account. It’s free to join and you’ll save loads!
  3. Browse ahead and create a wish list so you can find the right items much quicker on Black Friday, when internet may be a bit slower than usual.
  4. Download the Savings Prompt if you shop from a computer or laptop – our free handy tool will remind you that KidStart savings are available when the retailer appears in your Google search, and when you are visiting the retailer site.
  5. Make sure you follow your favourite retailers on social media as they’ll be announcing the latest deals on Facebook and Twitter. 
  6. Join the Prime memberships (many retailers like Amazon have a free 30 day trial) and sign up to newsletters to get early access to deals and exclusive offers.
  7. Add your shopping details in advance, so you’ll be checking out while others are still adding their delivery addresses.

We’re keeping our eyes very close on our favourite retailers… discounts will be up to 75%! Happy saving!