Get the KidStart Savings Prompt
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Never miss out on KidStart Savings again

Members using the Savings Prompt save as much as 4x as members who do not.

It works on PCs and laptops to alert you if KidStart Savings are available

Here's how the KidStart Savings Prompt works

Install the free Savings Prompt and browse the web through Google. Just as you would do normally.

Screenshot of user browing Google, with the KidStart Savings Prompt highlighting KidStart partner retailers

You'll see an alert in Google results for retailers.

You will be automatically notified when you visit a retailer's website.

Open the Savings Prompt to view your recent history and special offers.

Watch this video to see the KidStart Savings Prompt in action

New to KidStart

What is the KidStart Savings Prompt?

The KidStart Saving Prompt is a free web app available to KidStart members. When downloaded to the member’s computer, it works on all the major internet browsers to prompt members that KidStart savings are available:


When the retailer appears in google search results


When visiting the retailer site directly.

Members can then choose to click the link in the prompt if they wish to collect KidStart Savings on purchases made at that retailer.

The KidStart Savings Prompt also contains a 'dashboard' giving the member access to information on recent purchases, balance and quick links to KidStart.

What does it cost?

Nothing - it is free to install and use

How does it work?

The Savings Prompt contains a list of retailers that have agreed with KidStart they would like to be part of it. (This list is updated automatically on a daily basis). The Prompt works by looking at what is written on the web page and if it sees one of the retailers’ websites on the page, it shows the prompt.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. The Savings Prompt does not record or store any personal information.

Which browsers does it work with?

It can work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Edge on PCs and Macs. It works with all recent versions (but not with very old versions of these browsers).

Does it work on mobile phones or tablets?

No. Please use the KidStart App which is available from here

Are all KidStart retailers on the Savings Prompt?

Some retailers have asked us to not to include them in the Savings Prompt. Don’t worry as you can always go to KidStart and find them there.

How do I install the Savings Prompt?

The Savings Prompt is available when you are logged into KidStart so please register if not already a member. Once you have logged in, navigate to the KidStart Savings Prompt on the menu and click 'Install Savings Prompt.'

The KidStart Savings Prompt
works on desktop PCs and laptops.
If you access KidStart on a tablet or mobile device you should take a look at the KidStart app.

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