Five money saving tips when booking your family holiday

Are you trying to escape the January blues by booking your family holiday for this year then we have some top money saving tips to keep in mind.

Family holidays can be very expensive especially with having to travel out of term time and when it’s more than just you and your partner jetting off. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid holidays until your little ones have left home, these tips should help cut the cost of your holiday to make your family getaway more wallet-friendly.

Research and Compare

Don’t just book the first holiday you see, take your time to research different destinations, hotels, holiday companies and remember to compare, compare, compare. It may take time but it’ll be worth it in the long run when you save £ that can be spent when you’re there on meals out and activities.

Set a budget

It may be obvious but make sure you set a budget. The cost of a family holiday can get out of hand and we know how tempting it can be when you start dreaming about taking your little ones away to blow a lot of money. Your kids will love anything you book so don’t feel the need to spend more than you can afford. Set a budget that’s affordable for you and then start browsing for holidays in that price range.

Be flexible on destination

Having to book out of term time can really hike prices up, it’s really frustrating. With not being able to be flexible on date, try and be flexible on destination. By avoiding the obvious touristy hot spots you can save a lot of money and you may find a hidden gem that you wouldn’t have considered going to before. Decide what you want from the break, beach? Activities? Flight duration? Then as mentioned already, start researching!

Family travel insurance

Make sure you get travel insurance your family, it may seem like an annoying expensive before the trip but will be worth it if anything goes wrong. Take a look at the insurance providers on KidStart, you’ll be able to earn some money back on the policy for child’s future.

Use KidStart!

Finally, make sure to use KidStart when you come to book your holiday. Travel is a big earner for our members which means more money for your kids. We’ve teamed up with TUI and have Holiday Hub dedicated to their offers.

Happy saving!

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