Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Zebra – Toy Review

List price: £55 (RRP)  
Available from: ELC
Rating:  4/5   

Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Zebra   

"I first spotted the Bounce and Spin Zebra last Xmas, and thought it looked like really great fun. My daughter was too young to use it then, but this time round she’s 15 months old, and well within the guidelines of 12-36 months. She was happy enough when she just thought it just played music. When she realised she could actually sit on it, and bounce up and down, she was so excited!  She loved the flashing lights, and the funny sound effects. I’ve already noticed that her balance and coordination improves each time she uses it. 

At £55 it's a bit of an investment, but it's sturdy and well made, and she won't grow out of it for a few years.  The only warning I have is that my daughter’s feet only just touch the ground now, so if your child is also petite, you might like to wait until they’re a bit older than the recommended minimum age of one year. They need to be able to touch the ground to bounce properly, and to safely climb on and off by themselves. You’ll also need to buy the 3 AAA batteries separately."
Jacqui Paterson, 36, full-time mum, London.  

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