Happy Bugs Stacker – Toy Review

Available from: Bright Minds  
Rating: 3/5
Happy Bugs Stacker
I was so excited when we received this – I had been thinking of buying Dylan a wooden stacker, but as this is a fabric version, I thought it might be a good idea as it would cause less damage if he took to throwing the pieces around.  It looks gorgeous – each piece is beautifully made from bright coloured felts – embellished with cute bugs and incorporating different textures.  Just one problem though, the rings are a bit of a tight fit! I struggled to push them back onto the stand, so Dylan had no hope!  He’s happy to play with the pieces individually, but it’s all a bit pointless.  I think I’ll still be looking at getting him a traditional wooden version. Leslieanne Barclay, 29, West Sussex
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