Hippychick Wheelybug – Toy Review

Available from: Tesco

Rating: Rating:  5/5 


"My little boy loved this from the moment we got it out of the box. The wheels allow him to do 360 degree turns which isn't the case with most ride on toys, so he loved this novelty and spent ages just spinning round in circles and laughing! Although he did struggle to control it round corners as it's quite nippy on wooden floors. It is beautifully designed with a smooth wooden base and a comfy leather seat which is wipe clean so practical as well (the spring horns at the front are a lovely touch as well).

It does have a tendency to tip up on uneven surfaces but you are warned that this can happen and that you must supervise them. All in all a lovely product which makes a welcome change to all the brightly coloured plastic toys we have! "
Emma Morgan, 31, Wolverhampton          

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