‘Just be nice, cook and have sex!’ Is this the perfect wife?

The book by Suzanne Venker ‘How To Choose A Husband’ is not, however a dating manual but a run down on what the author thinks makes an ideal wife.

‘Just be nice, cook, and have sex!’ And while that phrase is good for a laugh, the more serious message of this book is if you want to get married, forget anything outside of the home.


In an article in the Daily Mail the married mother-of-two explains her ‘theory’ saying: ‘Our culture is toxic. It celebrates women at the exclusion of men; it ignores the needs of children; and it glorifies the single life.’ She then  goes on to say in order to have a happy marriage you have to embrace the fact that ‘Men are hunters. They want to build things and kill things, while us femailes like to gather and nest which is why more women than men like to shop and bake, or stay home with their kids!!


I’m getting the feeling that this book should probably be called ‘How Not To Choose a Life’ as it’s basically saying to have a happy marriage (or even get married) your need to ignore your feelings and suppress everything you want. Aside from making for a depressed wife and mother, I’m pretty sure this is would be a rubbish role model for kids (both boys and girls), and really, what kind of sane man wants a wife like this?

Outdated books

It’s of course, easy to ignore these silly outdated books but what annoys me is that inevitably they generate a lot of press and so get to make anyone who is single, separated or divorced, think that perhaps they are to blame for wanting to be a wife/mother/career woman all at the same time. But what do you think of this woman’s theory? Let me know.

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