Light and sound dog rattle – toy review

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"If you don’t like noisy toys then this isn’t for you! The Light & Sound Dog Rattle is my daughter’s favourite toy at the moment, when you press the nose it lights up and plays a tune (quite loudly) and she is obsessed with that nose, so much so that she now presses mine and her dad’s nose to see if we make a noise! It’s a really bright, hard wearing toy. The legs move, the ears are different colours and textures and the handle is a soft rattle which is great for teething babies.

The dog plays three different tunes, though my daughter has her favourite and keeps pressing until it comes on and then dances. I personally think this a great toy at a great price and if you don’t mind noise then it’s one for the toy box."
Carol Smith, 29, Lincs  5 stars

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