Little Princess Castle Playset – Toy Review

Available from: Boots  
Rating:  5/5   


"This was a big hit with all my children as soon as it was out of the box. The playset starts as a neat and tidy castle and then opens up into a giant playset with four rooms, secret passages and stairs that turn into a slide. It comes with lots of furniture and 6 figures of the main characters which can all be put away in either the secret compartment at the back of the castle or under the lid when it closed up.

My only criticism is that the figures are quite small which means they can get lost easily and can be a problem if you have younger children. Also the king's arm fell off after a good couple of hours of play which required super glue to reattach it. But on the whole a great playset which any little girl would be pleased to own."
Amy Sheridan, 24

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