Mini Micro Scooter – Toy Review

Available from: John Lewis

Rating: Rating:  5/5 


"The scooter needed almost no assembly, it comes in just 2 parts which firmly & easily connected.  It is bright red which we especially liked as it would make the scooter suitable for a girl or boy. We tried the scooter initially in the garden on our slab patio & paths as we were unsure how easy it would be. ‘Daddy I don't need lessons!’ from our 3-year old soon  put us in our place.   The double wheels at the front make it much more stable than the scooters at playgroup with traditional 1front/2back wheels. 

We took the scooter to the park which has smooth tarmac paths and the speed built up easily within 20 minutes of practise. The steering is unusual as you lean to the side rather than turning the handlebars – this I think will come with more use as we are straight-line only at the moment, but I think this means the scooter will grow with our son and be a great addition to our transport options – for the trip to playgroup in September, as it is lightweight enough for mum to carry home. Loved the super bright colour too."
Sharon Thomas, 38, Staffordshire

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