Mums share their holiday memories and tips

We didn’t go abroad until I was 11 – up until then we holidayed in Norfolk every year (with the exception of a very rainy week in Scotland). But as soon as we went on our first foreign holiday – to Madeira – my lifelong affair with worldwide travel began. And when you become a mum, experiencing different cultures and places through a child’s eyes makes holidays even more special, I think – you just want them to see as much as possible. San Antonio Bay Last year we went to Chicago and Switzerland … but I’m really not sure where to go this year. If like me you’re having trouble deciding, I asked some of Britain’s best mum bloggers for their favourite holiday memories and tips to help you: Sandy from Baby Baby tells us about her childhood holiday in er… Luton and why she’s determined to take her kids somewhere slightly more exotic. Like me, Victoria from It’s a small world after all is a big fan of Switzerland for kids. Mummy Zen recalls holidaying in Italy as a child (I can’t recommend Italy highly enough for kids) and talks about her upcoming skiing holiday to Colorado. Susanna aka amodernmother relates what happened on a  canoe trip in California with her family. Nearly everyone I know seems to go to France every holiday – Missy Martin talks about a childhood holiday there here. And if you really want to push the boat out (!), Linda from Have a Lovely Time reveals why the Disney cruise is the holiday of a lifetime. For some more tips on great places to go abroad and in the UK, click here. Let me know where you decide to go – and meanwhile, have a great weekend! written by Liz Jarvis