Rabbit Set – Toy Review

Available from: JoJo Maman Bébé

Rating: Rating:  5/5 

Rabbit Set  

"My daughter Ella is a big fan of rabbits and has just discovered the joys of playing with a baby doll so I was quite interested in her opinion of this set.  The soft toy is very well made, soft and is dressed rather fashionably for a soft toy!  The Mama Rabbit’s arm is stitched down to her dress in order to cradle the baby bunny, also dressed very nicely.  Ella cuddled the rabbit and dragged it around the house for a while but unfortunately, it rather quickly became a fixture in the soft toy basket and has been virtually forgotten. 

It’s a lovely, well-made soft toy but for a 17 month old, it has definitely lost its attraction.  I believe a younger child would potentially get more enjoyment out of this toy but again, it is lovely and would be a welcome gift for any child.  The price is quite affordable which makes it a very suitable buy for Christmas.

Karin Joyce, 38, Cambridgeshire       

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