Boomerang Toy Review

The boomerang took a bit of practice to get the hang of the throwing technique. It didn’t always work, however was great fun anyway and good exercise chasing after it when it didn’t come back.

The boomerang is good fun for children and adults alike and got quite competitive seeing who could actually get it to come back.

Best use

Ideal to take on days out and make going for a walk or to the park more fun.  The boomerang is easy and lightweight so no problem to take with you and throw about when you have the space.

For children

My 5 year old couldn’t master it, but then it does say for age 8 , but she still had great fun trying! Only downside was that you need plenty space not occupied by people but that wasn’t a problem.


Would recommend a boomerang as a toy because we could easily pop it into our bag. 4.5/5 Bev Callaghan, 43, Lancashire

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