Switch with Octopus Energy and WIN £400

Save up to £300 when you switch with Octopus Energy and you could win £400 with KidStart

KidStart are very excited to announce that in addition to saving up to £300 when switching energy provider to Octopus Energy, and getting money back on your monthly bill, members who switch with Octopus Energy by 7th October could also win a £400 John Lewis gift card. octobanner600v2.png It only takes two minutes to switch with Octopus Energy using your mobile or PC, plus you will earn 1% back on your monthly bills for your kids with KidStart. So far, Octopus Energy have saved KidStart members an average of £345! Start saving today switch with Octopus Energy octobanner600.png

Why should you switch?

tick-bullet.png   Save money – A typical household could save over to £300 per year by switching from a Big 6 standard variable tariff. tick-bullet.png  Long term value – Octopus Energy provides good value for the long term, not just a fixed term. tick-bullet.png Risk free – There are no locked-in contracts or exit fees, so if Octopus Energy is not for you, you can leave at any time. tick-bullet.png Simplicity & ease – you can switch in two minutes from your mobile or PC and Octopus Energy will take care of the rest – you won’t have to contact your old supplier. tick-bullet.png Money back – you will earn 1% on your monthly energy bills for your child’s savings account. tick-bullet.png £400 prize – If you switch before 30th September, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £400 to spend at John Lewis. Octopus Energy