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1% back on your monthly energy bill


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1% back for your kids on your gas & electricity bills

Save up to £300 by switching

Switch before 7th October and you could win a £400 John Lewis gift card!

The average U.K dual fuel household would save up to £300 a year by switching to Octopus Energy today, compared to paying the average 'Big 6' variable tariff.

Annual cost of the 'Big 6'
standard variable tariffs

British Gas
Scottish Power

Switch in just 2 minutes and Octopus Energy
will take care of everything:

  • tick bullet No engineers or installer visits
  • tick bullet No disruption to your supply
  • tick bullet No minimum term or exit fees
  • tick bullet ~50% green electricity

How it works

Get a quote in a minute or two.
An average family will save up to £300 if you are one of the 70% of households on a standard variable tariff with a big 6 energy supplier
Octopus energy will take care of the transfer which typically takes 17 days. You need do nothing.
At the end of each month, 1% of your previous month's gas/electricity bill will be added as KidStart Savings to your KidStart account.

Frequently asked questions

Every month, KidStart will add 1% of your previous month's Octopus Energy bill to your KidStart account.

If your bill is based on an estimated meter reading, your KidStart Savings may be shown as pending until you provide an actual reading to Octopus Energy, and the KidStart Savings will be adjusted accordingly.

The Big 6 (British Gas, EDF, E.on, nPower, SSE, and ScottishPower) are the largest energy suppliers in the UK, supplying energy to around 90% of households. Most of their customers are on a standard variable tariff, which costs around 25% more than that supplier’s cheapest rates.

You can switch to Octopus Energy in just 2 minutes from your laptop, mobile or tablet. You don’t need a bill to hand - in fact, you don’t even need to know who your current supplier is.

They will inform your current supplier of the switch and ensure there’s no double billing, and, as all suppliers use the same pipes and cables, there’s no engineer visits and no risk of disconnection.

Octopus Energy charge no exit fees and issue no long-term contracts, so if you’re not happy you’re free to switch away whenever you like.

Regardless of your supplier, energy is supplied to your home from the grid, and the majority of the energy that is supplied into the grid is not renewable. On their standard tariff, for every two units of electricity you use, Octopus Energy will aim to purchase one unit of electricity from certified renewable sources such as solar, wind, and biogas.

On the Green Octopus tariff, Octopus will purchase one unit of renewable energy for every unit you use, and offset 100% of the carbon released from the gas you burn with tree planting and protection in the UK, Kenya and Brazil.

And even better for the future of the planet, Octopus is the UK’s largest investor in large scale solar farms, and the third largest investor in renewable energy generation overall in the UK.

Octopus has been a major investor in renewable energy for the last 5 years, investing over £1.8bn in solar farms and other renewable sources in the UK and France. They started selling directly to UK households earlier this year, and already have thousands of customers and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Their customer service, simplicity of use and great savings have all earned high praise.

Their service is designed to be 100% online, and works best on your mobile or tablet. This digital approach to energy helps Octopus keep prices as low as possible.

Please note

  • Octopus Energy savings are based on publicly published standard variable tariffs for medium usage as defined by Ofgem, averaged across all regions, including discounts for paperless billing and paying by monthly direct debit.
  • Prices correct as of 10th June 2016.
  • 1% KidStart savings will be added monthly to your KidStart account based on your actual total monthly Octopus Energy bill for the previous month. KidStart Savings will be paid for a minimum of 12 months assuming you remain as an Octopus Energy customer.