VTech Bugsby Reading System – Toy Review

Available from: Argos

Rating: Rating:  5/5 

VTech Bugsby Reading System  

"Bugsby is a bookworm that helps your little ones read. It comes with one interactive book, and you can add to the collection over time, with lots of other titles.  The Bugsby worm is like a little pen that scans over the book and interacts with different parts of the book, letting your child have great fun with reading. 

We found this was a great toy for sharing reading with our little one and it made it a very interactive experience,we were able to talk about the story and the activities that were available in it, my little boy enjoyed playing with it but as he is only three it was not something he is as yet able to use on his own, although he did give it a pretty good try.

Children who are just a bit older will be able to use Bugsby on their own and enjoy the activities that are available. The price of Bugsby is very reasonable for the Vtech range, I think it would make a great present for a child from 5 up."
Lorraine Wade, Fife     

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