Waitrose Pick Your Own Offers review

How many times have you rushed to the Supermarket wishing the amazing offer you saw a couple of days ago to be still on the shelf, only to find it’s been replaced with  that item you’ll never buy?

Well, it won’t happen again to Waitrose shoppers, as last week “Pick your own offers  was born. It really is as simple as it sounds:  You can choose your favourite 10 products from a list of hundreds of items. You save 20% every time you shop however many times you buy them!

The List

The list is made out of almost 1,000 products including beauty items, frozen stuff, fruit & veg, cakes or baby products. See them all here.  Customers who confirm their 10 offers before 7th July receive an email with a £6 OFF £60 code, within two weeks, to use online or in store.

KidStart Top Ten Picks

We’ve chose the products we like to have discounts on and saved £8.16
Waitrose pick your own offers review

Total savings: £8.16 PLUS 1.2% back for KidStart members

How to pick your own offers

1. Register for a free online account and log in to your account online. If you don’t have an account, it’s easy to set one up, just follow the instructions online. Register the free myWaitrose card to your account. 2. Click ‘Get Started’, pick and confirm your 10 products from the hundreds available. 3. Enjoy! Your 10 products are linked to your myWaitrose card. You’ll get 20% off them at the checkout every time you shop online or in store. They is same until the end of the summer. And the discount is on top of any other promotions!

Any questions?

Waitrose Pick your own offers Frequently Asked Questions here. On top of that don’t forget KidStart members receive up to 1.2% back for their kids every time you shop.

Do you have a myWaitrose card?

Let us know what 10 products you’ve chosen!

Start saving 

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