What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

If you are coming towards the end of your pregnancy and are planning a hospital birth, it’s a good idea to prepare a hospital bag containing all the things you will need for labour, birth and the first  few hours with your newborn.

Remember that there is often little space to store items in hospitals and you can’t necessarily keep valuables safe, so just take essentials. Here’s what should be in your hospital bag:

Hospital bag for you:

Everything you want to have with you in labour such as a Tens machine, massage oils, birthing ball, favourite music Your birth plan An old shirt or nightie for the birth Socks and/or slippers Bottles of water Snacks Washbag containing all your usual essentials like toothbrush and shampoo Hairbrush and hair ties Pyjamas and nighties with easy access for breastfeeding Nursing bra Nipple cream Breast pads Tissues Maternity pads and lots of big knickers C-section pants if appropriate Change of clothes for leaving hospital

Hospital bag for baby:

2 x sleep suits with simple fasteners 2 x newborn vest tops Pack of newborn-sized nappies Swaddling cloths for your new arrival Cotton wool Appropriately-sized baby car seat Hat and scratch mittens

Hospital bag luxurious extras:

Gentle bath products for you and baby Spray containing essential oils Lip salve Reading material Phone and charger DVD player Your own pillow Your own blanket Camera

What did you find most useful during your hospital stay?

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