WotWot – Toy Review

Available from: Toys R Us

Rating:  5/5 


"When I took this strange looking cuddly toy out of the box I wasn’t sure what to expect, because we hadn’t seen the WotWots on TV and he reminded me a bit of the characters from Fraggle Rock (showing my age). But 18-month-old Anais fell instantly in love with his bug eyes and brightly coloured, soft body and she was thrilled to discover that he can giggle, sing and say ‘wotty wotty’.

She loves talking to him (she can say ‘wotty wotty’ now!), she cuddles him and takes him everywhere with her, even to bed. He’s her new favourite toy and now we’ve started watching the TV show on Channel5 – and we’re both addicted. It’s suitable for 18 months plus."

Karen Pasquali Jones,  42, London       

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