British Parents don’t save for their children’s education

British parents are not saving for children’s education.

A new report found that less than 50 per cent of families are saving. Instead parents rely on supporting their bright offsprings from everyday income. Furthermore, the global study found that only French and Mexican families were less likely to put away money to provide for their children.

The report

The Value of Education: Foundations for the future report found that over 70 per cent of the UK’s families said that they are paying for education from their current income. Furthermore, they also said that funding their children’s education is more important than contributing to retirement savings.

Taking on Debt

What’s more shocking is that more than 40 per cent also admitted they would take on debt, to support their child through university or college. The research found that the main obstacle is planning. Parents don’t want to put off such purchases as holiday or house renovation to save for their children.

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