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Rakuten Savings, Offers and Vouchers.

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Unfortunately Rakuten no longer offer KidStart Savings – please click here for GAME, HMV and others in the GAMES category.

Discover Rakuten.co.uk - the online marketplace where Shopping is Entertainment!

Imagine a market full of interesting, original and individual stores. Imagine the joy of browsing cool stores and discovering great things to buy. Now imagine that online. That's Rakuten.co.uk.

The Rakuten.co.uk marketplace is the newly launched UK marketplace, which ties into the original ethos of the hugely successful Rakuten Ichiba marketplace in Japan.

Shop for a huge number of products across a variety of categories such as Books, Computing, DVD & Blue-Ray, Gifts & Gadgets, Hobbies & Crafts, Home & Garden, Music, Technology, Toys, Video Games, and many more...

Please note

  • All purchases must be completed wholly online after clicking on the link above.
  • KidStart Savings may not be paid on VAT or delivery.
  • KidStart Savings may not be paid if you use a discount code at the checkout other than those provided by KidStart.
  • Some purchases may not be eligible for KidStart Savings such as gift cards and vouchers.