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The Skin Deep

Hey there, we are THE SKIN DEEP. In 2014, we launched an interactive documentary project called {THE AND} - here’s what happened. The premise was simple; film an intimate conversation between two people as they ask each other thought-provoking questions. Well, it kinda took off. 55 million views (and an Emmy Award) later, we realised we were onto something. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of exploring and documenting human connection in the digital age.

Eight years later and over 1500 conversations down the line, we figured you might want to bring the experience home for yourself. Do you know all there is to know about your partner, friends and family? How about the person you’re dating? Want to get to know your co-workers? Or even a total stranger? {THE AND} card game creates a little more space for a lot more openness, honesty and vulnerability - no judgement. If you want to start asking bigger questions and get to know someone beyond the surface, this game is for you. With 11 decks for all matters of relationships and scenarios, {THE AND} card games are a chance to dig a little deeper! 199 cards in every deck, each with questions that you wouldn’t normally ask but that you just might want the answers to.

Disclaimer: We don’t shy away from the deep stuff so be prepared to explore your feelings!

It doesn’t end there…

Through many other exciting and immersive projects, THE SKIN DEEP continues to explore the human experience against the backdrop of our rapidly changing world.

Our mission? To create the world’s first database of human emotion - one that spans language, culture and class to focus on our universal experience. Our space is safe, non-judgemental and always inclusive.

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