KidSave makes it easy to save more together.

KidSave makes it easy to save together

  • Free KidStart Savings
  • Invite others to top up
  • Easy online process

Saving together for the children we love

Save more with the whole family supporting your children

KidSave enables families to save together for the children they love.

KidSave is designed for Grandparents, family and friends to all help to save for your child.

Transferring money into a child's account is a simple and secure online process.

Be it a one-off gift or regular support, their help will make a big difference to your child's future.

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Free savings from KidStart shopping

KidStart automatically tops up your KidSave account.

Money doesn’t just come from you and your family, it comes from us too!

Shopping with KidStart builds up a pot of free savings for your kids.

Together we can build a brighter future for your child.

Here are just a few ideas of how to help your child’s money grow:

Instead of a gift list, invite friends and family to top up your child’s KidSave account.

Grandparents can make a regular contribution to help save towards university using KidSave.

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Boost your KidSave account and reduce your bills by switching utilities with KidStart.

The KidSave account is flexible

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