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'...make use of sites such as family shopping club KidStart.co.uk, which helps parents save money for their children every time they shop at certain retailers.'

The Daily Express - July 14th 2013

Junior ISAs are a way to save £3600 a year for a child tax free.
They can be opened by a parent or guardian and anyone can contribute to the account.

let's save some money.com - 1st May 2013

The Cost of Raising a Child Soars By 11%!

SimpleSafetySolutions - 6th Mar 2013

What's a child worth? Cost of raising kids soars by 11 per cent.

Parentdish - 5th March 2013

Parents in Wales spend half their income raising their child, claims shopping club KidStart

this is South Wales - 5th March 2013

UK is among 'most expensive countries to bring up kids.'

YourMoney.com - 4th March 2013

Cost of raising a child outstrips wage growth

Moneywise - 4th March 2013

KidStart savings discussed in Parent Talk.

Parent Talk - Feb 2013

KidStart's app get's 'App of the Week' in The Sun.

The Sun - 31st Jan 2013

With all the money flying out of our bank accounts at this time of year, wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way of making your spending work for you? Guess what, there is!

babyworld - 1st December 2012

Parents splashing out this Christmas can earn cashback from their shopping and have it paid directly into their children’s saving accounts.

Mail Online - 1st December 2012

Family shopping club KidStart (www.kidstart.co.uk) is introducing a range of Christmas savings offers that will let families earn money this Christmas just by doing their shopping.

Female First - 23rd November 2012

Parents could treat their children and prepare for their future this festive period by taking advantage of a selection of Christmas savings offers that let families earn money just by doing their shopping.

nestfinance.co.uk - 22nd November 2012

KidStart is a cashback website aimed at families. By shopping at its retailer partners you can earn up to 20% cashback which is deposited into your Kiddybank account. When you have earned £10, it can be transferred.

LoveMoney - 24th October 2012

KidStart and Waitrose have announced their new, socially responsible partnership, offering parents up to 1.2% money back when they shop at Waitrose.com.

The Drum - 9th August 2012

Supermarket chain Waitrose has teamed up with KidStart, a childrens' savings specialist, to help parents boost their kids' future. Anyone shopping at Waitrose will receive 1.2 per cent cashback that they can put directly into a savings account or, if they wish to, top-up pocket money in the here and now.

Nestfinance.co.uk - 10th July 2012

Supermarket chain Waitrose has teamed up with KidStart, a children’s savings specialist, to help parents boost their kid’s future. Anyone shopping at Waitrose will receive 1.2 per cent cashback that they can put directly into a savings account or, if they wish to, top up pocket money in the here and now.

The Grocer - 10th July 2012

Scots struggling to save in the wake of looming tax rises, multi-year pay freezes and rising food and petrol prices could find they have hundreds of extra pounds, to tuck away for a rainy day, simply by changing the way they shop.

Herald Scotland - 10th July 2010

Many people now shop online rather than visit the high street - so why not earn some cashback while you are at it? KidStart is a free shopping club which allows members to collect cash which will be deposited into a child's designated savings account or Child Trust Fund (CTF).

Telegraph.co.uk - 17th December 2009

KidStart puts money into any child savings account whenever you shop with a participating brand via the site. The retailers cross all sectors from automotive to travel.

New Media Age Site of the Week - 2nd July 2009

KidStart is a free shopping club that allows its members to collect cash savings for their children, grandchildren, friend's children, school or children's charity when shopping at a wide range of retailers, service providers and other similar companies.

thegoodwebguide.co.uk - 6th June 2009

With the fourth anniversary of the Child Trust Fund (CTF) on Monday, experts are urging parents to ignore bad news about savings and consider setting aside a nest egg for their children to secure the next generation's financial future. Backed by the Financial Services Authority,

KidStart is a savings club that boosts your child's savings every time you shop online. When you make a purchase from one of the 200 retailers in the scheme, up to 20 per cent of the value of your transaction will be deposited in your child's desiginated savings account or Child Trust Fund. For example, Marks & Spencer donates 4 per cent of the cost of your purchases, so £100 spent online will add £4 to your child's savings. John Lewis, meanwhile, donates 5 per cent each time you shop on its website.

The Times - 3rd April 2009

So how does it work? Essentially, in a similar way to cashback sites - by signing up to KidStart and shopping through one of its many retailers you earn a percentage of your spend back as cash, which is deposited into your "Kiddybank" account. However, rather than claim the cash yourself, parents must link their child's saving account or even Child Trust Fund, if eligible, to their KidStart account.

Account balances are checked each month and when the balance exceeds the minimum deposit level (usually £10) the balance is transferred straight into your child's savings account. And there are a vast number of retailers to choose from. So every time you shop at John Lewis, Argos, Ocado, Tesco, Boots, Asda or House of Fraser, to name but a few, you could be adding money to you child's savings. Fantastic!

LoveMoney - 5th December 2008

As well as proactively squirreling some money away for your kids each month, you can actually boost their savings whilst you spend, as part of a recent initiative by a website called KidStart.

MoneyNet - 12th November 2008

For many families, financial pressures make it difficult for parents to save extra money into the account. Dawn and David, 41 who valet cars, are not making any extra payments. Dawn says: "I really want to be able to put something away for them, but at the moment paying for food comes first". And with tightening economic conditions, trust fund providers are trying to find new ways to help families save.

The website KidStart.co.uk provides a way for families to shop and save at the same time. A proportion of the money spent with big-name retailers through the site is paid into any recognised child savings account.

Mail on Sunday - 20th July 2008

Elaine and Anthony Sharp signed up to KidStart two months ago to save for Louisa, their ten-month-old daughter.

Last week the couple, who live in Barnes, southwest London, spent £156 at Mothercare on a child seat and a safety gate.

Purchases from Mothercare earn 5%, so £7.80 was added to a Child Trust Fund they opened with F&C when Louisa was born. "It is such an excellent idea," says Mrs Sharp. "Almost every time we use our cards to buy something, we are also contributing to our daughter's savings."

The Times - 29th May 2008

Andrew Hagger from Moneyfacts.co.uk looks at the vast array of children’s savings accounts on the market and a recent innovative idea that will help boost the balances of young savers in the UK.
The recent launch of a new website www.KidStart.co.uk now makes saving for children even easier. Simply by doing your shopping online, your children or grandchildren can directly benefit on the back of your day-to-day spending.

“KidStart is basically a free children’s savings club, which allows parents to enter the details of their child’s savings account. Then, whenever they purchase online via over 200 well known retailers, a percentage of money spent automatically gets transferred to the child’s account. Parents can invite grandparents or other family members to sign up and before you know it, the child’s savings balance can really start to grow."

MoneyFacts - 24th April 2008

KidStart is a free children’s savings club which allows members to collect cash savings for their children when shopping at a wide range of online, and a growing number of high street retailers which offer savings of up to 20%.


The Daily Telegraph - 5th April 2008

A scheme that started yesterday worth considering is KidStart, which pays money into your child's savings account or Child Trust Fund when you shop on-line with stores such as Asda, Bhs, Marks & Spencers.

Daily Mirror - 3rd April 2008

A new scheme has been launched to help parents save for their children while spending money.

Under KidStart a contribution will be paid into a designated Child Trust Fund or children's savings account every time people who have joined the scheme spend money at certain online retailers.

More than 200 online retailers have so far signed up to the scheme, including Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Waterstones and Expedia.

Companies taking part offer returns of between 1 and 20 of the amount spent, with others offering lump sums of £50.

Channel4 News - 2nd April 2008