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Beautyhacker aims to be the fastest most advancing functional beauty brand. Beautyhacker decode conventional tracks of cosmetics. Beauty has to work from within. Inside first, outside follows. Beautyhacker is determined to create the future of beauty; simple, smart and with a sustainable focus.

Beautyhacker debunk the myth that collagen is an effective skin care product for external use. There is only one way to replenish skin’s Collagen: drinking it in high concentration, as a liquid shot or as a dissolving powder.

Beautyhacker formulated a daily beauty elixir with hydrolysed marine collagen. Nourishing you from the inside out, the formula will hydrate skin, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles & trigger new collagen product.

So far, we have cared for our skin from the outside with creams and serums. The reason for loose skin and the formation of wrinkles lies not on the skin’s surface, but in the deeper layers of the skin, as recent research shows.

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