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Compare the Market Travel

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Compare the Market Travel

It’s important to compare travel insurance to ensure you pick the right cover for you.

Whether you’re looking for single or multi-trip cover, Compare the Market can help you compare and save. Tell us what type of cover you need, where and when you're going and we'll show you a list of quotes in minutes so you can choose the policy that suits you. Read the policy carefully before you buy to make sure it provides all the cover you need.

You could save by comparing, leaving you more money for your travels.

Please note

  • o Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
  • This merchant reserves all rights to take action (including legal action) as is considered necessary in its sole discretion in order to prevent or redress any fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use of their website
  • KidStart Savings may not be paid on VAT or delivery.
  • KidStart Savings may not be paid if you use a discount code at the checkout other than those provided by KidStart.
  • Some purchases may not be eligible for KidStart Savings such as gift cards and vouchers.
  • Policies purchases through saved quotes are not eligible for KidStart Savings.
  • Compare the Market KidStart Savings will only be paid if we are able to link your insurance purchase directly to the KidStart website. Please ensure that you click on the link, finish a brand a new quote via Compare the Market and complete the purchase within the same session without exiting or closing your internet browser.
  • KidStart Savings are subject to change and may increase or decrease at any time.
  • Transactions will initially show as pending and will be validated 90 days after the policy start date.
  • The actual payment date of KidStart Savings to be received can vary between 130-180 days.
  • If KidStart Savings are not tracked, Compare the Market allow up to 6 months after the purchase date to submit a Missing Savings Claim.
  • All policies are run through extensive validation checks and KidStart Savings will only be paid on valid policies. The eligibility is checked 90 days after the policy start date.