KidSave - Simple secure Child savings JISA

Child Savings Reimagined

KidSave - the simple and flexible way for you and us to invest in your child's future

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1KidStart, you and your family all put your money into the account
2Invest in top companies via two simple fund choices
3Celebrate a tax-free nest egg to help your child start adult life

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Set up now As with any investment the value can go down as well as up
  • Flexes to your life
  • Designed for growth
  • Money from you and us

Why use KidSave to help the children you love?

KidSave - nest eggs made easy!

Whatever reason you want to start putting money aside for your child's future, KidSave makes it easier.

No tricky forms or need to go into a branch. No complicated fund choices. No minimums. No hidden charges.

The whole family can contribute and, with KidStart, we will even top up your child's account for free!

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Pay less, save more

Our fee is one of the lowest and unlike many others there are no minimum contributions or other extra charges.

By paying less for our service you are saving more for the children you love.

For example: If you saved £1,000 and were paying 0.5% rather than 1.5% over 18 years, that's £180 extra for your child before any growth.

We charge just 0.5% with no extra charges or minimum requirements.

Your fees
Our fee (annual) 0.5%
Fund provider fee 0.15%
Total 0.65%

Note: Others run their own funds so fund fees included in comparison.

Charges Minimum
KidSave 0.50% £0
Nutmeg 0.45%-0.75% (up to £100k) £100 lump sum
Wealthify 0.6% £1/month
Moneybox 0.45% + £1 a month £0

Note: No fund charges shown as all allow choice of different funds with different fees.

  • Flexes to your life
  • Designed for growth
  • Money from you and us

KidSave gives you flexibility and choice

  • No minimum contributions
  • Top up when you can, commit if you want to
  • Fast and secure online set up
  • Simple choices
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KidSave is designed for growth

  • It's a JISA - tax-free, long term growth prospects
  • Lower cost so more money for your child
  • Investment return not interest
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KidSave helps you save more together

  • KidStart tops up your child's account for free
  • Grandparents and others can contribute
  • Easy online process
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Designed to fit around your life

Set up monthly contributions or top up when you can

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