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How it works

Step 1

Select a cause

Chose one of the good causes from above or email us a cause that is close to your heart at

Step 2

Make a purchase

Chose from thousands of retailers and click the links to shop.

Step 3

Raise free money for your cause

As a thank-you for shopping a percentage of what you spend is donated by the retailer to the cause of your choice. It won't cost you a penny extra!

Frequently asked questions

What is KidStart for Causes?
KidStart for Causes is a new feature of KidStart which allows anyone to save for a good cause or charity when shopping via KidStart. You can save up to 15% back for a cause close to your heart and the best bit is it is entirely free.
How does it work?
Simply select a cause you wish to save for and register for free. Then click the links to the retailers you wish to shop at and a percentage of what you spend will go to the cause or charity.
Can I save for more than cause?
Yes - but first you have to register choosing from one of the causes above. Once registered you can add more causes to your profile if you wish.
Can I still use KidStart to save for my children as well as a good cause?
Of course - again simply register for one of the causes above and in the "My Profile" section of the member's site you can add your own children and decide how much of your savings you wish to allocate between them.
Can I suggest a cause close to my heart that's not listed above?
Yes - please do! KidStart for causes is still new and we'd love your suggestions for who you'd like us to work with. Please email
What if I forget to shop via KidStart?
It happens - we know. Unfortunately if you haven't clicked via KidStart we won't be able to track your purchase and donate the savings to your cause. However we have a neat reminder tool which you can download to your laptop or desktop. Please download the KidStart Savings Prompt.
Any other questions?
Please contact us.